Amazing interior design ideas for small bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most integral part of the interior of a house. If the right interior and right beds are chosen, your bedroom will give you the most relaxing space and sleep. Proper placement of furniture, perfectly chosen colors can make your small bedroom look much more spacious and pleasing to the eyes. you must also put into consideration the ease with which you can vacuum clean pet hair in your bedroom.

Here are a few bedroom interior design ideas for small bedroom that will make it amazingly beautiful, appealing and more spacious.

Use Light Relaxing Colors

The lighter the shade is, the more spacious your bedroom will appear. Make use of the darker or bold colors as accent colors only as darker colors make the room appear smaller. Select such shades which are relaxing at night and give the feeling of refreshment and comfort at the daytime. You can paint the walls in a striped pattern as it can create the illusion of height or length.

Place A Fitting Bed

Try to place a bed that has accurate measurement that suit the dimensions of your doorway. Platform, Futon or Murphy beds can be used as they make the room look spacious. If you can use a Hind’s bed that can be folded in half and be bolted together, it will serve as a really good option for your room.

Use a Box Bed or Storage Bed
Box Bed can be extremely useful if you are in short of storage bed as it comes with large drawers built-in. Or you can use the space beneath the bed with separate wheeled drawers that can be pulled out when needed.

Smart Lighting

Good lighting is immensely essential in small room design. Windows and Natural light automatically integrate a feeling of lightness as well as space to a room. Layer the lighting of your bedroom for the maximum effect. Apply accent, fluorescent and ambient lighting to create a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. Try installing lights close to your bed as well.

Install a Floating Shelf

You can gracefully increase the bedside square footage by installing a floating shelf. This looks a design element rather than a necessity. A floating shelf is designed in order to fit within a minimalist decor. Keep recessed open shelves into walls in order to place colorful items that will also enhance the contrast of your room.

Suitable Decor

Hang curtains from the ceiling rather than from top of a window frame to create a sense of height and depth. If you are using blinds, install the blinds within the window frame. Place decorative objects of glass, mirrors and reflective surfaces to reflect light and appear weightless in the room. Balance the room using elements like a calming piece of artwork or a narrow floor vase that has tall reeds.

Select Minimalist and Multipurpose Furniture

Consider smaller versions of furnishings like a loveseat in place of a sofa. Prefer furniture that can be tucked away like folding chairs, an extendable dining table or nest of tables. Multipurpose pieces suit a small bedroom the best. Furniture that can serve various functions can greatly help streamline your bedroom.

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